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 A Spam Musubi (A local style sushi favorite in Hawaii) pillow that can be taken apart into two pillows and the wrapper(nori(seaweed)).

I know you can buy these types of pillows, spam musubis must be a Hawaii thing, though I know there are Japanese ones of traditional sushi.

My first Christmas present to give out this year....I'm a little late.

Real Spam Musubis look like this:

Newspaper for stencil
Cloth(I used fleece because it doesnt fray)
     -Black, White, and Pink
Sewing Machine

Time: High - 3 hours
           Low -  1.5 hours

Cost: High - $25* USD
           Low -  $15* USD

*Fleece was about $5 per yard at Walmart. I bought extra because I expected to make mistakes 

p.s. This was my first time using a sewing machine and its awesome!

Step 1: Cut Out Fleece Shapes

 You are pretty much making two 3D rectangles: one the rice, two the slice of Spam. I rounded the edges so it wouldn't look boxy. After you make your rectangles, you have to make the sides of the rice and spam which is the height of the 3D rectangles. The height is to your discretion, just look at a picture. To get the right length, do the match, or just make sure you have enough cloth that it can go around the entire perimeter. So after you cut out all the shapes, you should have:

2 white rectangle pieces
1 white long piece

2 pink rectangle pieces
1 pink long piece

Step 2: Sew!

 I didn't take pictures of the rice, but the spam works just the same.

Picture #1:

Sew long piece to top/bottom of spam. When meeting, sew the ends of the long piece together, seam out and make sure they meet flush because you will have some extra cloth to cut off.

Picture #2 and #3:

Sew on the other side, but leave a hole, preferable a little bigger than the size of your hand so you can stuff it. 

Step 3: Flip, Stuff, Sew Close

Picture #1: Flip right side out

Picture #2: Stuff with stuffing

Sew shut

Picture #3: Finished Spam after being sewn closed

Picture #4
: Finished Rice

Step 4: Wrapping Things Up

Picture #1 and #2: Stack your rice and spam, roll it into the black cloth. Depending on how much you stuffed your rice and spam, adjust to keeping them firm in place, mark/remember where to sew

Picture #3: Black cloth(nori) sewn closed)

Picture #4: Turn the black cloth inside out so that seams are on the inside, put rice and spam inside



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    That's really cool! :D It looks like a really comfy pillow too. 


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

     Heh yeah, you should try one. Just slice the spam thin and cook it till it browns.