Spare-part Tie Rail (type Thing)




You probably have a broken pair pair of headphones lying around (earbud type). iPod ones are very weak. It is also likely you have a tie or two but no proper place to keep them neatly. Well all you need are the headphones and 2 nails


Step 1: Materials and Tools

You will need:
Broken pair pair of headphones (earbud type)
2 Nails (I used 1.4x25mm)
Hammer (or similar)
Tape measure/ ruler (or similar)
Pencil (or similar)
Cupboard door

Step 2: Marking Out

Measure the width of 1 cupboard door. First, work out shoulder height and mark it out. On that line, make a cross ~2 inches on each side. so 2 crosses.

Step 3: Hammer Time

CAREFULLY, hammer a nail into the centre of each cross. Don't hammer it in straight, but at a slight angle so the flat end of the nail point up and the pointy end (in the door) is pointing down. See pictures for clarity

Step 4: The Rail/wire/hanger

Measure about 5cm in from one end of the headphones/wire and make a mark. Put this point on the nail on hinge side of the door and tie a knot with it in the middle. TIGHTLY.
Then wrap it aroud the other nail and bring it back or tie it up on that side if it isn't long enough. Otherwise, try to tie it up on the other end. See pictures for ideas.

Step 5: Hang Ties

Just put the thin side of the tie behond the wire and the pull it down so there is an equal length of tie on each side. Then you ca hang as many ties as you can/want!



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    8 years ago on Step 5

    Doesn't the 'sag' in the wire tend to make the ties bunch together in the middle?