Spark Plug Pendrive 32 GB

Intro: Spark Plug Pendrive 32 GB


Pendrive 32 GB attached to the spark plug with pendant.

Step 1: Items

All you need:

1. Spark plug (from car: Skoda Superb)

2. Pendrive

3. Brass ora plastic tube

Step 2: Preparation

Carefully disassemble pendrive.

Because the brass tube broke while enlarging the hole I took a plastic tube.

I cut the plastic tube to lenght of 5 cm.

Cut the thread spark plug - make place for pendrive in plastic tube.

Step 3:

In plastic tube (using a hot glue, very carefully) attach pendrive.

On the other end of plastic tube attach sprak plug.

Step 4: Pendant

At the connection pin on spark plug drill hole and mount hanger.


Step 5:



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