Spark Gap+tesla Coil

Introduction: Spark Gap+tesla Coil

Shortcomings in last page (steps 4).

Step 1: Full Scheme.

You need:

  • 2x Transformator (first must be powerful i use 24v);
  • 1x Capacitor 220v or more;
  • 1x Flyback;
  • 1x switch.

+ you can make tesla coil, instruction:

Step 2: Transformator

Connect transformator and capacitor how to show on picture.

I don't tried but i think, this transformator can change to Mosquito racket board.

Step 3: Flyback

Carefully, between the ports can be spark gap.

Step 4: Minus in This Project:

Need correct:

  • transformer can overheat;
  • if you want to always work spark need put switch to 50%;

I think this can fix with diode bridge.

Comment how to can fix it.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    To make bigger spark connect highly power capacitor (can see in picture).

    Connect capacitor to spark gap.

    Tutorial find in this video: