Sparklarette-The Cigarette That's Also a Sparkler




Introduction: Sparklarette-The Cigarette That's Also a Sparkler

Convert an ordinary lung damaging cigarette into smokable firework that is fun for the whole family.


Step 1: Ingredients

1. One sheet of paper with the word "sparklarette" on it
2. One lighter
3. One cigarette

Step 2: Grind Some Sparkler Dust

In this step all you have to do is keep rolling the flint wheel until you gather a nice amount of the "sparkler dust." Do not actually light the lighter. This is the key ingredient in the sparklarette.

Step 3: Make a Nice Line

Fold the paper and make a line of the sparkler dust.

Step 4: Wet That Cigarette Down

Lick your finger and wipe that spit onto your cigarette, the long way. Hard to see the spit in the image but it's there.

Use water if you think using spit is unsanitary...

Step 5: Rub Your Smoke

Rub the wet part of your cigarette in the sparkler dust, get good coverage.

Repeat steps 2-5 untill you get a few good lines around you cigarette, 3 should do just fine.

Your cigarette should look like the one in the picture, not to appealing, but it doesn't change the taste in my opinion.

Step 6: Smoke It

Light up your smoke and enjoy the nicotine while you and friends enjoy the magic show.



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    Hahahaha! My friend does this to me in welding class all the time. He grinds a handful of flint onto his hand and throws it onto my work while I'm welding. It makes me so mad when I'm trying to get my lap joints done.

    my roommate put a firecracker in one of my cigarettes once... there were about 15 people drunk in my apartment when i lit it outside on the porch. it blew up, i decked my roommate, and the neighbor almost called the cops.

    Hey guys, just to add a comment. Don't ever smoke this, or disguise a cigarette so somebody else does. Sparklers can contain barium nitrate, other oxidizers such as chlorates, perchlorates or nitrates, powdered metals and various firework fillers.

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    Im not sure if you actually read this instructable, but in the making of the sparklarette there is no use of actual sparklers, but instead ferrocerium. Containing Iron, Cerium, Lanthanum, Neodymium, Praseodymium and Magnesium, Im sure its still toxic.

    Whoa, I made a mistake. Apologies, after reading it again you are correct. And yes, that would be toxic..

    u just make prank cigg all u need to do is take out the white thing in party poppers and stick it in a cig

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    Anyone who can smoke THAT thing until it goes off, probably won't notice it when it DOES go off - it's a lot of paper and not much powder. But if you take the popper apart, there's a bit of string coated with dark grey or black powder. When you pull the string, the folded part rubs on itself, and the friction sets it off. Snip that little piece of string out, and put IT in a ciggie - they'll think it's a fuse for a firecracker that never actually goes off.

    omg!!! your are the best this is such a good idea i love smoking and i love Sparklers but i cant show my friends they don't like me smoking =( but this is still really good 10/10

    I suppose we also should try to snort that right? ;) Great instructable.

    You could also turn the cigarette 90 degrees and make rings around it so randomly as you smoke it a burst of sparks goes off.

    LMAO we used to do this when we were young and stupid enough to, 15 years go. Thanks for the memories!!!

    I noticed that the cigarette tastes or feels notably drier when smoking but fun game, it also burns the paper faster as I only put a line of flint down the side the first time and it burnt a dent slightly ahead of the rest. @ Cbrown try using a little bit of magnesium ribbon in a cigarette for a prank, note put it at the top just out of sight under tobacco, it's was safer that way (it might fail but there's the chance of burning and/or blinding them at really close range.).

    its just as fun to watch as it is to smoke. i do not encourage anyone to smoke, especially anyone under 18

    i'm not speaking from known fact here...BUT...i think normal lighter flints might be a magnesium blend? maybe this magical "mischmetal" which i think is cerium and iron? i don't think any of these is horribly detrimental to your health in small the stuff being on the outside of the cigarette probably makes it safer

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    misch metal is a blend of rare earth metals most notably neodium (i think misch metal is well cool and i superglued some to my biking boots so when i ride my moterbike i can put down my heals and sparks shower evryware!!) btw, i am an amature pyrotechnition and KNOW that the standard compositions used in sparklers do not use rare earth metal elements they usualy use either magnesium powder or aluminium powder for bright afects (iron powder for duller deeper efects).

    sory dude i replied without reading full instructable, yea its mischmetal making the sparks, but sparkler mix would work 2