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I am locally known for love of glitter. It can be messy but oh such fun and talk about adding pizzazz. All things sparkly are words I live by. So I had been planning on trying this step up from the usual word art I do. I wanted to bling it up a bit. Hope you enjoy and maybe try this with a tween or teen you know, they'll love it!!

Step 1: Gathering Your Supplies... Here's What You'll Need

  1. Canvas ( I chose an 11 X14)
  2. Adhesive letters
  3. White School Glue
  4. Yard Stick or ruler
  5. Acrylic Sealer
  6. Black Acrylic Paint
  7. 3 paint brushes
  9. Painter's Tape

Step 2: Mark the Canvas

To get it to look evenly spaced, you will need to mark your canvas into three equal parts. Since my canvas is 11 X14, I marked sections into 3 2/3" segments. Draw your line lightly with a pencil.

Step 3: Add Your Painters Tape

To make sure my lines are crisp and clean, I use painters tape. Just because I am messy. Place the painters tape on the lines your drew in the previous step.

Step 4: Paint the Base for the Bling...

Inside the painters tape, paint the color you want as your base color. I chose black. I wanted the sparkle in the glitter to pop. Make sure and paint only this section. Craft style acrylic paint dries pretty quickly. You can also dry it with a hair dryer (thanks to the person who gave me that helpful tip) to aid in the drying process.

Step 5: Letter Placement...

This is very important. Depending on the size of your letters and the length of the word or quote, you may have to re-position the letters several times. I think it took me three tries on this one.

Step 6: Gluing....

Once your letters are place where you want them, it is time to get ready for the fun part, the glitter. To do this, you will need a light coat of glue. I put the glue into an old container and then spread it with an old paint brush. This ensures the glue is spread evenly. You have to be kind of quick with the next couple of steps. This glue dries fairly quickly.

Step 7: It's Glitter Time....

Once the glue has been spread, you now apply the glitter. Don't be stingy, they make it every day and if you are like me, you will find something else to use it with,so save what falls off. Don't be afraid of the mess. Some people don't like glitter project cause they find glitter for months. I see glitter as pixie dust for mere humans. So, love the glitter people!!!

Step 8: Here Is the Really Fun Part....

You have to get the letters off before the glue dries. So immediately, if not sooner, after applying the glitter. It is time to play hide and seek with the letters. You now have letters buried under a mound of glitter. They have to come off before the glue dries. So quickly and gently, peel off the letters.

Step 9: Once the Letters Are Peeled Off, It's Time to Clean It Up

Yes, glitter is messy. Yes it gets everywhere. Take another old paint brush and brush off any glitter that has gotten on the white part of the canvas. Peel the painters tape off. Brush the glitter off again.

Step 10: The Final Touch...

It is now time to protect the work you have just done. Spray it with acrylic sealer. Glossy is better. Matte finish will dull the sparkle. This step will allow you to protect your art work from dust and add an extra level of protection to secure the glitter.

Step 11: Now Sit Back and Enjoy the Bling...or Give the Gift of Glitter to Brighten Someone's Day.

That's all there is to it. Now enjoy!!!

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