Sparkle Mop Head Fly

About: I am an avid fly fisherman, and started a fly fishing channel where I tie flies and video myself fishing.

Intro: Sparkle Mop Head Fly

This fly is really simple and easy to tie, but gives great results. Its very flashy, and will be seen even in murky water. You can tie many of these quickly due to only taking a few minutes each. The materials also don't hold much water, and therefor will be easy to cast. All of the materials I used today can be bought for very little money from fly tiers dungeon. With the exception of the adhesive, thread and hook, the materials cost less than $5, but will allow you to tie many many of these flies.

Hook: Gamaktasu SS15 size 2
Thread: Ultra Thread 70 (brown/olive)
Body Wrap: Tinsel Twist (olive)
Tail Flash: Northern Lights (olive) and Pearl Web (hot white)
Dubbing: Bull Frog (BWO) and Starburst (olive) mixed together
Eyes: 3D eyes size 4mm
Eye Adhesive: Fletch Tight
Knot Adhesive: Hard as Hull



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