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Turn ordinary rope twists into fun sparkle yarn extensions! An easy addition to a great protective hairstyle. Great for a little extra flare to your hair! All you need is black acrylic yarn and any other sparkly acrylic yarn. The sparkle yarn comes already mixed in with yarn or as a single strand of sparkles. Either work, but if you are using a stand alone strand, make sure to double your black yarn. This hairstyle looks best if only a few sections of the hair are done with sparkles and not the entire head of hair. I recommend a two inch section on the top front section of the head for sparkle twist and finish the rest of the hair with just the black yarn. It is subtle but beautiful in the sunshine!

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Step 1: Cutting the Yarn

Hold ends of both the black and sparkle yarn together and cut to the desired length. Cut about three times the length of the desired final length of the twist. If you are using a single strand of sparkles, make sure to double the black so that it is thick enough. When cutting, try one first and start with more yarn than you think. It is better to cut it too long and trim it later than not have enough to start with. Make sure the finished twisted length is at least one full inch longer than natural hair!

Step 2: Begin the Twist

Section off hair. I used about a half inch square section. Split the square section of hair into an additional two sections and lay the middle of the yarn between the split section of hair. This will create two sections with a piece of hair and yarn in each section.

Now take each section and twist the hair and yarn in each section counter clockwise until the hair and yarn are twisted together in each section. Now take the two twisted sections and twist those together clockwise. You will continue to twist the hair and yarn together one way, while twisting the two sections together going the opposite way. This will keep the twist from falling out.

Step 3: Twist and Seal

Twist the hair to the desired length. Remember to twist past the end of your natural hair at least one inch. You will be melting the ends so you don't want to accidentally burn your hair! You can tie it off with a small rubber band or tie it in a knot if you are uncomfortable with the final step. However, it is easy and safe if you keep a cup of water handy!
When you reach the end and have your desired length. Hold the twist with both hands about two inches apart with the place you want to be the end right in the the middle of both hands. Have your left hand hold the side with the end. Then twist the end with your left hand while keeping the right hand steady. This will tighten the twist. As it tightens place the section between your two hands over the flame to melt the yarn while continuing to twist and move back and forth over a 1/2 inch section of the yarn. After a second or two the yarn will melt free and seal the end. Sometimes the melted end will feel a little rough, but this will go away after you wash your hair for the first time.

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    4 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Yarn twists are my favorite Fall style! I've never thought if using sparkling pieces though. Cute!


    2 years ago

    Sparkle hair, what a fun idea! I'll bet that little girl loves shaking her head with those wonderful extensions.

    I can just imagine how ultra cool the extensions would be if they were intertwined with Red Heart (or other brand) reflective yarn. It looks so neat in the dark when a light is shining on it.

    Very cool. Thank you for sharing this fun Instructable. :-)

    Cheese Queen

    2 years ago

    Glitter glam! What a fun idea!