Sparkle and Stack Wrapped Rings




Introduction: Sparkle and Stack Wrapped Rings

Step 1: Form Ring Around Mandrel

Place the 16 gauge wire around the ring mandrel at the appropriate size. Wrap the wire to create a smooth loop with overlapping ends.

Step 2: Attach Chain to Ring With 26g Wire

Begining 1 inch from the end, wrap the 26 gauge wire around the point on the wire loop where the two wires overlap. Wrap the 26 gauge wire 6-8 times around the loop and then place the Swarovski chain on top of the overlapped wires. Continue wrapping once between each Swarovski crystal until you have attached the entire length of crystal chain to the ring.

Step 3: Secure End of 26g Wire

Tightly wrap the remainder of the 26 gauge wire to secure the doubled 16 gauge wire. Finish the other end of the ring in a similar manner.

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    6 years ago

    Very clever and cute idea!