Sparkling Bahia

Simple, light & refreshing.  

This is one of those drinks that doesn't taste like alcohol and can sneak up on you after having a few!

2 oz. rum (preferably Pyrat or 10 Cane)
1 oz. Chambord
8 oz. sparkling blueberry lemonade (or sparkling pomegranate lemonade)
4 oz. apple juice (preferably frozen into ice cubes)

I like to freeze the apple juice into ice cubes because 1) I can't use an entire bottle of juice before it goes bad and 2) this keeps the drink from getting watered down by pesky regular water ice cubes.  

However, apple juice ice cubes do thaw much faster than water ice cubes so have plenty on hand or drink your cocktail faster!

(Note:  the glass in the picture only holds 6 oz. and the recipe is for a highball glass size)

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Yum! I have a really hard time taking pictures of cocktails against a black background without them getting completely washed out. What's your secret?

    4 replies

    Thanks! I tried a variety of backgrounds and lighting and somehow this one turned out good. I also use Adobe's Camera Raw to adjust the lights, blacks and contrasts. Out of 90 pics this is the only one I liked, so I would say it was pure luck :)

    For my first French fry Instructable, I took 200+ pictures. I get it.
    But I don't photograph in raw very often because I don't feel super comfortable working in post yet. But I know I'll be doing a lot of tweaking with the ones I took last night! It's hard to get a good picture of milk-based cocktails!

    Once you start working with raw you'll love how it reveals areas of pictures that look dark. You don't even have to photograph in raw to use the software. I just use a powershot camera and the adjustments I can make to the jpegs helps alleviate some of the frustration of haven taken 100+ pictures and hating them all. Even with digital cameras I have a hard time getting my lighting and aperature to get nice and artistic pictures. Good luck with the milk based cocktail pictures. All my whites always come out greenish!