Sparkling Skipping Rope





Introduction: Sparkling Skipping Rope

HI guys!!!!!

Today we're gonna make a skipping rope that glows.

Its simple to make and even children can make it.

Step 1: Requirements

You will need the following items -:

  • Skipping rope
  • Two 9v batteries
  • One Tape roll (transparent)
  • 4-5m Led strip (You can use waterproof one too)
  • Battery Snap

Step 2: Rolling the Strip on Rope

Take the led strip and roll it on the skipping rope. (If it is not sticky at back you can use tape)

Once it is rolled then press it so that it sticks firmly.

Step 3: Connecting the Battery

Now, you need to connect the wires of battery snap and led strip.Once they are connected,check whether the strip works or not.Then remove the battery and first stick the wire with tape.And now put the battery and firmly stick it with tape.(Do not attach it with snap). To balance the weight on both sides put the other one battery on opposite handle on the rope.(If the battery exhausts you can remove it and put the other one used for balancing).

Step 4: Taping the Strip

(If you have waterproof strip then no need for this). In order to protect the strip from getting broken during skipping when it hits the floor, you will need to cover it with tape three to four times.(caution:Be careful while taping or it would be damaged).

Step 5: Finished

Connect the battery snap and your Sparkling Rope is ready.

(I am just 13 and this is my first Instructable so if you want to add anything or something is left out do tell me.)

Thank you



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    3 Discussions

    I happen to jump on the rope all time and when swinging I hit the ground each turn. So I guess this is for pro skippers only that can manage keeping the rope in the air all time?

    1 reply

    Even its for you if you use the waterproof strip. It has a coating which will not let it break. Or you'll have to cover it with tape completely 5-6 times

    Now you can jump rope at night! :)