Sparkly Fancy Animal Necklace

Introduction: Sparkly Fancy Animal Necklace

This instructable is to show you how to make a glittery fancy animal necklace.

These would be cute with many outfits if you have the guts to wear something different and rad!

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Step 1: Gather Materials

Gather the following materials:

1) small packet/amount of glitter in your choice of color

2) small plastic toy animal of your choosing

3) beads (for animal's hat)

4) choice of materials to decorate your animal with. Examples include: ribbon/ patterned tape/ colorful string/ buttons

I needed a small piece of cardboard because my tape is see through (not pictured)

5) E6000 glue (not pictured. Comes in silver tube)

6) Q-Tip (not pictured)

7) 3 jump rings (jewelry/small pliers if you can't open the jump rings with your fingers. I lost mine so I am using larger jump rings that are easy to bend)

8) 1 lobster clasp

9) Modge Podge

10) scissors

11) crystal clear acrylic spray (Krylon is the brand I used. Not pictured)

12) paint brush

13) cup of water

14) newspaper

15) chain of length of your desire

16) bail (in jewelry section of a craft store)

Step 2: Adhere Glitter to Plastic Toy Animal

Put your glitter onto a paper plate.

Pour some Modge Podge onto your second plate.

Paint your animal in a thin coat of Modge Podge using your paintbrush. (Don't do bottoms of the feet).

Sprinkle glitter all over the animal.

Let dry.

Step 3: Seal Glitter Onto Animal

Follow instructions on your bottle of acrylic coating to spray a thin coat of acrylic onto your animal.

Let dry.

Spray another coat of acrylic onto your animal

Let dry (again)

Step 4: Attached the Bail to Your Animal

Use Q-tip to apply a small dab of E6000 onto the spot on the animal where you want the bail. While you let that dry for a minute (we want the glue to be tacky), put a little dab of E6000 onto the bottom of the bail and hold it for 30 seconds (don't put it down. Don't want it losing any glue to your table).

Next, place the bottom of the bail onto the spot of the animal you put the glue. Make sure the bail is facing the correct way (if you were wearing the necklace and looking in the mirror, you want to see the thick side of the bail).

Once you have the bail facing the correct way, hold in place until it dries enough so the bail doesn't slide down the animal when you let go of it.

Step 5: Make Your Animal's Accessories

Use E6000, a Q-Tip and your beads to glue together a hat for your animal.

Use your ribbon or tape to create a decorative covering for your animal. I used washi tape on top of a piece of cardboard (to make it opaque) for this.

Next do any finishing touches to what you've made. I glued small buttons into the decorative covering.

Step 6: Accessorize Your Animal!

Glue your animal's accessories onto your animal one at a time. Use the same method in the bail step (apply glue to the 2 points of contact then leave alone for a minute then put together and hold).

You may need to modify your accessories. I used scissors to cut a small cutout in the covering to take the bail into account.

You may need to hold your covering against your animal for a while until it stays down (depending on what you used. My cardboard kept popping up but it would be different if you used ribbon (etc)).

Be sure to allow the hat dry properly in place. This means you will have to keep the animal in an upright position. Any rotating of the animal can lead to the hat falling off.

Step 7: Make Your Necklace Chain

For this step you need the 2 jump rings, lobster clasp and chain at the length of your desire.

I lost my jewelry pliers so am using larger jump rings which I am able to manipulate with just my fingers.

Take the first jump ring and twist the ends away from each other just enough to put the last chain link from one end into the jump ring.

Close the jump ring by twisting the ends towards each other.

Take the second jump ring and use the same method to open the jump ring but this time put the end of the other side of the chain and the lobster clasp end into the jump ring

Close this jump ring using same method as did for first jump ring.

Step 8: Put Animal Pendant Onto Your Necklace

Twist your last jump ring open using the same method as you did in the last step. This time we will be putting the jump ring through the top of the bail and around the chain.

So we aren't putting the jump ring into the chain, just around it (the pendant can slide back and forth on chain).

Make sure the lobster clasp is on the correct side depending on if you are left or right handed!

Close the jump ring.

Step 9: TA DAH!!!

You are finished ! Congrats you are now the proud creator and owner of a fancy animal necklace!

Hope you liked this instructable!


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