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Making a sword is easy and can be done with limited tools. Jigsaw, grinder with sanding wheel and a sander...

Simply find some wood that will be big enough for you creation, download the free template found here at Wacky Wood Works website, and print. It three pages (A4).

You can either spray glue it down or do what I did in the video (because my spray glue ran dry doh!) and trace round the template with a sharp craft knife.

You can then cut out on band saw, or use a jigsaw.

You can tidy up the cuts any way, from a rasp to a file to grinder with sanding disc and the sand I also used a rotary tool for getting into some of the finer areas of the sword.

You will need to remove a lot of material so using the grinder with a course sanding disc is the quickest way, be patient with it and take your time. Then sand to the desired grit, if you are after a new sword look then sand till smooth, however if you want the sword to look like it has had a few battles the you should leave some of the grind marks and dents etc.

Paint the handle matt black and the paint the blade a metallic silver. and let dry, now over the top of the silver on the top half of the blade a light spray of the black that will enhance the aged and battered look.

Now wrap some leather or rawhide strips around the handle to give some detail and comfort when holding.


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