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Introduction: Spartan-esq Helmet

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I said several months ago that I would post pictures of my helmet, and I've finally gotten some decent pictures. A lot of my original inspiration came from marshon. I didn't use this, but I would suggest taking a look. I'm not going to give you step by step instructions because I wasn't able to take pictures, but both of the afore mentioned Instructables give awesome instructions.

My main materials:
Cereal Box Cardboard (for everything)
Paper Mache (for dome)
Hot Glue
Guesso (pronounced 'jesso', used to smooth over the cardboard, gives texture) 
Templates modified from these
Silver Spray Paint (for the top coats, and thinly over blue)
Light Blue spray paint (thin coat over silver) 
Gold Paint Pen 
Clear Coating

All of the raised pieces are cut out of cardboard, glued on, and guesso'd around the edges.



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    Another woman making awesome armor... and us guys are where exactly?... in offices and cubicles... well I refuse to ,"Conform to the pattern of this world, but instead be transformed by the renewal of my mind"(Bible)