Spartan Sword for Costume or Play

Introduction: Spartan Sword for Costume or Play

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This is a cool sword that works great for a costume and is fun to play around with.

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Step 1: Materials

This is my first instructable, so I hope you guys like it!




Plastic container (to put paint and glue in)


Box cutter (or some other kind of sharp knife)


Popsicle stick (optional)


Paint brushes

Elmer`s glue(or other school glue)

A strong bonding glue

Plaster of paris

Black paint, brown paint, silver paint

Step 2: Trace the Outline of the Sword and Cut It Out

First find a safe area to cut on. Then draw the outline of the sword. You can search pictures of a spartan sword and use that as your guide, or copy the shape of my sword. Next take your box cutter or other knife and cut along the outline. After the sword is cut out you can use a pair of scissors to take some of the rough edges off, and shape it a little more. You could even cut off parts on the blade to make it look really worn.

Step 3: Paper Mâché Your Sword

(Don`t use your strong bonding glue in this step.)The reason why I have this step is to make the edges of the sword smooth, so if you don't want the edges of your sword to be smooth, skip this step. If you don't know how to paper mâché here is how you do it: There are a few methods, but I chose to do this one. First step: Make a mixture of glue and water. All you do is pour some glue in a container and pour the same amount of water, then mix it. Second step: Cut or rip some strips of paper then dip them in the glue. Then you wrap or stick them onto whatever you want to paper mâché. The parts you want to paper mâché on the sword are the whole blade and points on the handle. You don't need to do the handle because that is where the rope and plaster of paris come in. After you paper mâché the sword let it dry, then brush on a coat of watered down glue. Ps, your probably wondering why I have green glue. I dyed it with markers a while ago, and it was the only glue I could find.

Step 4: Making the Shape of the Handle Part 1

Now it's time to get out your strong bonding glue, glue dish, rope, and a paint brush. First pour some of your glue into your dish, then brush it onto the handle of the sword. Next wrap your rope around the handle, and when you reach the end, cut the rope. After that dries, brush on the same glue you just used, all over the rope. Let it dry.

Step 5: Making the Shape of the Handle Part 2

Next we have to cover the handle with the plaster of paris. First cut the plaster of paris into sizes that will fit. Then get a bucket partly filled with warm water. Roll up a piece of one of your strips and dip it in the water. Gently squeeze it so it gets all wet. Unroll your strip, then hold the top with one hand and with the other pinch the top, and lightly slide it down to get off excess water on the strip. Then you can start wrapping the plaster of paris around the handle and create the shape you want!

Step 6: Mainly Painting

It is now time to paint your almost finished sword. Pour your black paint into your dish and mix in some silver paint to give it a slight shine. Use your mix of black and silver paint to cover the blade and tips on the handle of the sword. Then use your brown paint to cover the middle part of the handle. Make sure you get all the little corners. After the paint dries (this is optional) you can brush on a final coat of watered down glue to give it some more shine.

Step 7: Admiring Time!

Now you can admire your awesome spartan sword!

Ps, if anyone has a cool idea of how to make a sheath, let me know! :)

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great looking prop sword! Nicely done!


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! That means a lot being my first instructable!