Speaker DIY Brophy 2016

Introduction: Speaker DIY Brophy 2016


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Step 1: Gather Supplies

1. Copper wire
2. A plastic cup
3. A stack of neodimium magnets or a tall magnet
4. A paper clip
5. Headphone jack
6. tape
7. a piece of paper
8. aligator clips
9. wood
10. laser cutter
11. pliers
12. scissors
13. hot glue

Step 2: Start to Build

Roll magnet on a 2x6 inch paper and tape together. Then take anoter 2x6 paper and roll again. Then wind copper wire 80 times around. Leave 2 inches free.

Step 3: Step 3

Pull out inner rolled paper. Then, snip the bottom of the paper on the magnet into for parts and fold. Then, hot glue it onto the bottom of your plastic cup. Then, a circle around the bottom of the cup and cut out. Then, put a piece of tape onto the bottom in place of the plastic circle so the sticky portion is outside. Then, Put the magnet part back onto the cup. Next, get a paper clip and make it so it can fit onto a mag\net. Then, glue on the cup. Then, on the excess copper wire, burn the insulation of it using a lighter. Then put alligator clips on them. Then, cut anoxcord, you need to attach the alligator clips onto the black and yellow cords of the aux cord. Then bplug it into your phone and bam it works as a speaker.Laser cut 4 pieces of 7 by 4 rectangeles. Then cut 2 5 by 4 inch figures. One of them has a circle in the middle with a 3.75 inch diameter. Hot glue all of the laser cut wood pieces together. Drill a litle hole in the back. Put cup in the caseing, and put jack though tiny hole. Plug in and enjoy! https://youtu.be/IlSwa8Bw164

Step 4: Video


Step 5:

Step 6:

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    4 years ago

    What is a borphy?