Speak Japanese in One Day

Introduction: Speak Japanese in One Day

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This will teach you how to speak SOME Japanese in one day.
You should go on google translate so you can hear it better than I explained it.
Fact: this is my first how to.


Step 1: Eat Noodles or a Choco-cornet.

Get into the Japanese mood. If your brain thinks you are Japanese descendent, ( or even Japanese ) it will help you speak better. ( not really just my opinion and you should never try to do this with an empty stomach!

Step 2: Watch Some Anime or Read Some Manga ( English or Subtitles )

Just like step one! Suggested manga: shugo chara, vampire knight, miki falls. Suggested anime: lucky star, fairy tale, shugo chara.

Step 3: Time to Learn.

Now, let's start off with introducing your self.
ex: Hi, my name is Sarah!
In writing:こんにちは、私の名前はサラです!
Speak it: kon'nichiwa, watashinonamaeha saradesu!
( conichiwah, watashionmiamah sarades. )
Translating on google translate helps.

How to say-yes!

In writing:うん!
Speak it: un!
( uhn/un )

How to say-no!

Word: no!
In writing:違う!
Speak it: chigau!
( chingawoo )

How to say-no thank you!

Word: no thank you
In writing: いいえ、ありがとう
Speak it:Īe, arigatõ
( Eeea arigato )

How to say- Yes please!

Word: yes please
In writing:してくださいはい
Speak it: Shite kudasai hai
( shh kasay couldisi hi )

You've learned a little Japanese. Sorry if this is bad I just got the app and no haters plz!

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    7 Discussions


    6 years ago

    A lot of that is kinda wrong, sorry. Not trying to be mean, but you wouldn't say that to anyone you just met because it's terribly informal. Please take the time to research a language.
    I spent the first 13 years of my life in Tokyo.

    daddy wipz0
    daddy wipz0

    Reply 5 years ago

    it states 'some japanese'. please take the time to read properly before getting smug.

    Diamond Dragon
    Diamond Dragon

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I agree. I'm still learning the language, but I know enough to tell that a lot of that is wrong. No is iie, (ee-eh) and yes is hai (hi). And yes, that isn't the way to introduce yourself to someone you first meet. It is 'Hajimemashite. [insert name here]desu. Doozo, yorushiku.' (The last sentence has two other variations, one which is less formal, and the other more formal. The one I mentioned is in between.)

    Besides all that, I heard Google Translate is horrible at translating languages (To the point it's laughable).


    6 years ago

    I think this is interesting! Thank you so much.


    6 years ago