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Introduction: Speak to Me

This is a guide on how to send a button input from one Arduino and cause an LED to light using the second Arduino upon receiving the signal. (written by John Chen and Christopher Day)

Step 1: Things You Will Need

  1. 2 arduinos
  2. 2 usb cables to upload code
  3. 7 jumper wires
  4. 1 resistor
  5. 1 LED
  6. 1 button
  7. 1 breadboard

Step 2: Arduino Setup

Connect the Arduinos so that they can communicate with each other. To accomplish this, you will need one jumper wire from A4 and A5 on the first Arduino to their respective ports on the second Arduino. Now connect the ground ports on your Arduinos. Go ahead and connect your cold rail on the breadboard to the ground port on the slave Arduino.

Step 3: Connecting Your Inputs and Outputs

Now we connect the peripherals. put your button on the breadboard and connect one pin to the cold rail and one to the pin slot on the master Arduino using jumper wires. Now connect the LED onto the breadboard. Link the ground pin to the cold rail and the other pin into the slot on the slave Arduino. Use a resistor to connect the LED to the Arduino to avoid burning out the LED.

Step 4: The Code

Your Arduinos should be set up by now. All that's left to do is run the code provided. This code will take a button press and turn on the LED.

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