Speaker Box Birdhouse




Introduction: Speaker Box Birdhouse

I used an old pair of cabinets with blown speakers. Remove speakers and wiring. Find a nice spot ...maybe hang from a tree? Fill it with seed.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Oh man. If you just painted the exterior to look like bullet holes or an invader zim face or something, this would be a sweet project. You're definitely onto something with that speaker cabinet-as-birdhouse concept, but this idea could use a bit more embellishment. Maybe turn it into a jack o lantern birdhouse? Paint the cabinet to look awesome and install new speaker cones and wire it back up? Make it into a secret stash compartment with speaker faces on hinges for the upcoming Secret Doors and Compartments contest?

    Just document the whole process next time, because you're 30% of the way to an awesome project here.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Very constructive critique, Thank you. Certainly needs paint-job. I hate to throw stuff like this in the dump . This project came to be while cleaning house, an inspired moment as I happen to have my smart-phone and a screwdriver on me. I was thinking of mounting a camera somewhere on it or in it? Your "Stash" idea is a really good one.