Speaker Mic Fix - Missing Hole

Introduction: Speaker Mic Fix - Missing Hole

I bought a speaker mic on eBay for $13 to use with a little 2 meter Chinese HT  (Baofeng UV-5R). Every time I put out my call on a repeater or tried to say hi during a QSO nobody came back to me. I was really starting to think that I had ticked off the ham radio community.

So I thought I would open up the speaker mic just to see if the mic hole was not all the way through of if a wire had come off somewhere. When I opened up the mic I noticed that the actual mic was on the other side of the hand unit. And that there was NO hole for the actual mic. Amazing.

I drilled a hole and WOW!!! the audio is fantastic.

I made a little YouTube video of this.  This ain't rocket science folks, but wow, when an actual hole is near an actual speaker - BAM - really great audio.

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    LMFAO.....That's just too rich! Leave it to Chinese Quality Control!

    (.....STILL laughing!)