Speaker Out of a BALLOON ! How to Make It?

Introduction: Speaker Out of a BALLOON ! How to Make It?

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Step 1: To Do a Speaker Out of a BALLOON You Need!!!

How to make a hand made speaker out of a simple balloon?
Having made a speaker out of a balloon, you may play tricks with children by painting face on the balloon. There are a lot ways to use such an interesting speaker, depending on your fancy!
What do you need?
- Wire
- Scotch tape
- Balloon

The bigger the balloon – the louder would be the sound! Wrap the wires around your hand and fix them with the tape, measure the diameter of a magnet beforehand. Strip the wires and fix them with the scotch tape on a balloon. It is preferable that the wires lie down better to a balloon.

Step 2: Link the Wires to an Audio System, MP3, TV, PC...

In the middle of wires set a magnet and listen to the music!!!
Well, we have got such a hand made speaker out of a balloon!!

Step 3: Try and Experiment! You Will Succeed!

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    2 Discussions


    Question 2 years ago on Step 1

    do you need a magnict


    Answer 2 years ago

    yes you do