Speaker Pillows




Introduction: Speaker Pillows

Have you ever wanted to listen to music while you sleep, but your parents won't allow you to do so? Or maybe you don't like having to use headphones, which can be VERY uncomfortable when lying down. Whatever your reason, we'll show you how to make a pillow with built-in speakers so you can listen to music and no one will know!
With this product, the speakers will be well-hidden and the sound muffled so that only when you put your ear to the pillow will you be able to listen to the music.
How did I come up with this idea, you ask? Well, I was lying down in bed one day and was thinking to myself, "I really want to listen to music right now, but my mom always catches me." It always helps me relax and fall asleep. So, when my head to hit the pillow, I thought, "Why not install some speakers into my pillow? That way, I can listen to music and no one will know! Plus it will look awesome." And that's what brings us here.

Supplies Needed

Average-sized pillow
Pillow Case
Plenty of cotton and fluff
Sew-On Zipper
Thin, remote-controlled speaker that can fit inside the pillow
Batteries for speaker (if needed)
MP3 Player

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Step 1: Prepping the Pillow

Take the pillow and cut one of the shorter sides open. Take the cotton/fluff out and set aside

Step 2: Prepping the Pillow Cont. and Cotton

Sew the zipper onto the side that you just cut so that you are able to close and open the pillow freely. Put and sew a small amount of cotton onto the sides of the pillow

Step 3: Speaker Assembly and Bag

Take the speaker out of its box and assemble all the parts. Then take the cloth and measure out 2 pieces that are slightly bigger than the speaker. Sew them together to make a cloth bag for the speaker. Slide the speaker in the bag

Step 4: Making the Pillow

Slide the cloth bag with the speaker inside it into the pillow, making sure no part of it sticks out

Step 5: More Cotton!!! (and the Zipper...)

Add any more cotton/fluff around the cloth bag around the pillow if necessary and zip up the pillow when done

Step 6: Pillow Case

Put the pillow case on the pillow. Enjoy! :)

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