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I made my speaker box using 1" x 6" untreated plywood that I glued together to make 1" x 12". It is approxamately 12" x 14" x 18". I cut the 6.5" speaker holes using a jigsaw. I also used a router to route the front board. I then put the box together using gorilla wood glue and brad nails.  For the door, i held the piece of wood in place, and drilled holes on the top and bottom in the rear about 1" deep. I then cut metal rod about 3/4" long and put them in the hole, then put glue and sawdust on top. I put supports on the inside of the door so i wouldn't swing inward. I then drilled holes in the door and opposite side for handles.
I then put a coat of white primer on it. After that I put three coats of apple red paint on it. Finally I put a full can of clear enamel on it for a glossy finish, and protection.
I used a pair of 250 Watt Boss Ch6520's that I got on ebay for about 22 dollars. I also got a Kinter 500 Watt amp on there for 15 dollars. I wired it all up using the wiring diagram that came with it and put a lighted switch and a 8 aa battery holder in there for a power supply.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Is this run from the mains? or 12v Battery?
    can you show some more detail on the power side?

    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    You missed the last line. 8 AA dry cells = 12 volts DC, more or less.