Speaking Clock With AVR


I have created a clock with ability on speaking so it tells me every 1.00,1.30,and so on...
I don't have to see the clock anymore just hear and I know what time is it
Let's get started...

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Step 1: Spare Parts Needed..

1.AVR microcontroller
2. DSP chip from VLSI
4. Speaker
5. Amplifier, I use LM386, but you can use whatever you like
6. LCD module
8. SDcard

Step 2: The Code...

I made some init code for LCD,SD card and VLSI chip
and it was done on atmel studio..

Step 3: Let's Watch the Clock Speaking...

Thanks for reading folks....
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4 Discussions


5 years ago on Introduction

Yeah, it would be nice to see more detail on the build, and a clear parts list would be really helpful. I appreciate that you're going a little deeper into hardware than the Arduino...looking forward to seeing more!


5 years ago on Introduction

Excellent,but a detailed step by step instructable is more favoured.