Special Effects Make Up: Scar

This is how you make a special effects scar for theater


Step 1: Materials

these are the materials you need-
scar wax
fake blood
black face paint
red face paint
red, brown, and black eyeshadow
sharp (not pointy or hurt you) edge
stipple brush
angled brush
make up wedge
nail polish remover

Step 2: Draw Black Line

To begin, draw black line with face paint where you want the scar. Use small angled brush.

Step 3: Apply Scar Wax

rub scar wax in your hands to make snake shape. put on black line. start smudging with your fingers. make sure the the middle is still thick. dip other side of brush in nail polish remover and use to blend wax.

Step 4: Cut Line Through Wax

In the middle of the wax, where you want scar, make a cut with something that will cut through it. Make wide enough to put paint in.

Step 5: Make Another Black Line

Use angled brush to make black line inside cut. This adds depth to scar.

Step 6: Shade

Use red, black, and brown eye shadow around scar to look like a bruise. Make sure to fade it off to make it look more realistic.

Step 7: Add Blood Around

Use stipple brush and red face paint to lightly dab around scar. Makes it look more realistic.

Step 8: Add Fake Blood

Use brush to add fake blood into cut. It's ok if it comes out a little.



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    5 years ago

    That is SCARY!!!