Special Forces Helmet From an Old Flashlight and an Old Bike Helmet.




This is a Faux Special Forces helmet I made from an old bike helmet, an old flashlight, some spray-paint, some printed of stencils (some of my own design and some preexisting), and glue. First I pulled out my old bike helmet from when I was a kid, then I got my flashlight and determined how I would attach it. I then proceeded to take apart the flashlight into its components, then after that I took those apart added wires to connect the bulb and the battery-pack and added my own switch that I got from Home Depot and put the battery-pack in a space I cut out of the Styrofoam helmet lining. I then attached the light on the front with some random bits of plastic form an old external web cam. Following that I painted the whole thing and printed out an American flag and U.S. lettering in a font called Boston Traffic. Then in place of a Unit Patch I printed out the design for my family coat of arms. the main helmet color is OD Green and the stenciled on parts are a generic dark brown.



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    5 years ago

    Your flag is backwards but other than that it's good!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is surprisingly good for a bike helmet. Add some weaver rails and a helmet cover, and it would look just like the real thing. Props!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This helmet is clever in taking apart of the flashlight and using the components. I wonder if you could have added more to the design. Nice short term project.

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