Special One of a Kind Buisness Cards Made at Techshop Detroit.




Introduction: Special One of a Kind Buisness Cards Made at Techshop Detroit.

materials you will need:

-Zip drive for saving files, purchased at Techshop Detroit's front desk.
- Epilog laser provided by Techshop Detroit, available to members.
-Computer with corelDRAW, provided by Techshop Detroit.
-Matt board,  not available at Techshop Detroit.

1) Design file or image in correlDraw on the Techshop equiptment.
2) Divide image into multiple layers, in this case four separate layers, two for vector cuts and two for rastered imagery. (only at Techshop Detroit)
3) Open saved design file on a Techshop Detroit computer connected to a Techshop Detroit laser.
4) Select appropriate layers to be printed ( I like to start with rastred layers, making sure vector layers are non visable, non printable)
5) Choose appropriate laser settings on the Techshop Detroit laser.
6) Send to print
7) Repeat process but this time select vector cut layers repeat steps 5 and 6.
8) Use buisness cards to promote yourself at Techshop Detroit.

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    That is an awesome business card! You know, it would be great if you could put a picture of the card in the first spot because right now, people see your jump drive first.