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Introduction: Spectacular Curls Using Straws!

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Make your own super tight curls using just straws! No perms, no heat, and no expensive curlers or irons. These spectacular curls add tons of beautiful body and bounce to your hair. They are really easy to do and the straws are reusable! Grab some straws and get curling!

You need:

  • Spray bottle (if starting with dry hair)
  • Hair brush
  • 3 Hair clips/claws
  • Leave-in-conditioner
  • STRAWS!!!
  • Scarf/hair cap

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Step 1: Straw Preparation

First you need to pick what type of straw you want to use. The super duper tight curls that I achieved were using every day drinking straws that you can find at any store. You can use the bending straws like I did, or use non bending ones. It really doesn't matter.

If you want slightly larger, and less tight curls you may chose to use Milkshake Straws. I was able to find them multiple places on the internet. Note that you will still end up with pretty tight curls even if you use the slightly thicker milkshake straws.

Take one end of the straw a press it to flatten the tip. Bend the flattened tip in half to form a "V" shape and press to crease it. doing this will allow you to slip the straw inside the other end to hold your straw curlers together in your hair. Repeat this with the rest of your straws. You will need approximately 20 straws to do a full head of curls.

Step 2: Wet Your Hair

Your hair needs to be wet to properly cure your curls. You can either wet your hair in the shower and towel dry it, or you can spay it liberally with a spray bottle. Brush the water throughout the hair to ensure it's properly moistened.

Step 3: Section the Hair

Part the hair down the center and divide the hair into 3 sections: Right Front, Left Front, and Back. The front sections should be parted just behind the ears. Twist and pin the two front sections up using clips/claws.

Pin the back section up leaving a row of about 1 inch of hair remaining on the bottom. Divide this bottom row into 3 sections.

Step 4: Rolling the Curls

Take a dab of the leave in conditioner and run it through one of the 3 sections of hair. I was working with long hair, adjust the amount of conditioner based on the length your working with. Make sure you get the tips really well. If you do not use the conditioner, or do not use enough on the tips, the final product will end up rather frizzy.

Start rolling by placing one end of the straw over the ends of the hair and wrapping the hair up and over once. If you are using straws with bending tips, start with the bottom of the straw. While holding the ends of the hair to the straw with you finger, roll the straw up making sure you roll over the tip to secure the end. Continue rolling the straw allowing the hair to slowly roll up to the other end of the straw until you reach the scalp. Bend the ends of the straws up and insert the bent tip into the other end of the straw to close the curler. Repeat this with the remaining two sections in the bottom row.

Let down another row of hair from the back, make 3 sections and continue with the rolling process. Keep repeating this until you have rolled the entire back section. When you get higher on the head you may notice you only need 2 straws per row instead of 3.

Once you complete the back section, roll the side sections, one at a time the same way. Apply more water to roll hair as necessary.

When the entire head has been rolled in straws, place a hair cap over the curls or gently tie a scarf over them. The cap/scarf will help prevent frizz from rolling around at night.

Allow the curls to set until dry (I do overnight).

Step 5: Removing the Straws

Once the curls are set and dry you can remove the straws. Start with the bottom layers and work your way up. Simply pull the ends apart and slip the straw out pulling in a downward motion. If the straw does not slide right out, you can unroll the curl slightly to loosen it up. Doing this should allow it to easily pull out.

Once you remove all the straws your hair should look something like pictured above. Using your fingers, gently pick apart the curls to loosen and fluff them. You may want to pull down on the curls if they seem too tight.

Step 6: Style and GO!

We decided to pin the front back because the curls in the front were too short after curling up. There should be no need to add any additional products. You may choose to carefully brush it out a bit. Note that the more you brush it, the frizzier it will get. I suggest just using your fingers!

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    3 years ago

    A smart idea for a smart result. Lovely curls.


    3 years ago

    clever idea!