Speed Up Smart Phone Contacts/address Book Search

Intro: Speed Up Smart Phone Contacts/address Book Search

If you have a lot of contacts in you smartphone searching can be a pain because it gives to many hits. My solution is to put the contacts' initials at the end of the name as a pseudo-hash to speed the search so that normally it only three taps.

Step 1: Here's the Problem

All those named with Z... How to get to who I want easily?

Step 2: After the Initials Have Been Added

With the initials added, as per the image.

Step 3: What the Search Now Looks Like

Now with two initials I quickly get to who I want or reduce the number of hits.

It really comes into its own when sending SMSs to a group of people.

That's it.



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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Obviously it works best for your inner circle.

    Perhaps you could create other hashes such as "John the bear", "Carol the duck" "Duc the tiger" "Jose the leopard" "Bill the snail" etc. then search by the animal (or whatever you choose) but this seems to just swap one problem for another. Just a thought. ;-)


    3 years ago

    good. the problem is : you must remember each initial of your contact name. right?