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Introduction: Spelling Snowmen Christmas Ornament

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These snowmen randomly rotate and spell various words.

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Step 1:

This requires an Arduino Uno and 3 micro servo motors.

Blue Arrow Micro Servo: http://www.amazon.com/Blue-Arrow-Micro-Futaba-Receivers/dp/B001061I7W/ref=sr_1_18?ie=UTF8&qid=1386020870&sr=8-18&keywords=micro+servo

Power is supplied by a 9 volt battery.  On/off is performed by connecting and disconnecting the battery.

Print and design files can be found at:


Step 2:

The snowmen were scanned using a MakerBot Digitizer.  They were then printed at 80% of the original size.

Step 3:

The snowmen were painted so that the letters can be seen from a distance.

Step 4:

The servo wires are pushed through the base. The servo motors press fit into the top of the base.

Step 5:

The wires are soldered to jumper wires (pins at the end of the jumper wire plug into the Arduino socket).  Heat shrink tubing is placed over the connections to prevent shorting.

Step 6:

The code below is entered and loaded into the Arduino:

Be cautious here. The servo limits should be "0" and "180," but the servo may vibrate and burn itself up at those limits. Test each servo by starting at 30 and 150.  Also, do not turn the servo shaft by hand--this will destroy the motor---I burned one motor up and stripped the gears out of another :)

#include <Servo.h>

Servo s1;
Servo s2;
Servo s3;
long randNumber;

void setup ()
  delay (3000);

void loop ()
  randNumber = random(10,14);
  if (randNumber >11)
  {s1.write (155);
  {s1.write (0);
  randNumber = random(10,14);
  if (randNumber >11)
  {s2.write (155);
  {s2.write (0);
  randNumber = random(10,14);
  if (randNumber >11)
  {s3.write (180);
  {s3.write (0);
  delay (5000);

Step 7:

Glue the servo horn to the bottom of each snowman.

Step 8:

Screw the hook bracket to the base using 2-56 machine screws. You will have to drill 1/16 inch diameter holes into the base.

Step 9:

Push the snowmen onto the servo shaft.

Step 10:

Add a 9 volt battery to the back.

Step 11:

Place a hook in the top hole and hang the ornament on the tree!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Cool idea. I would suggest that you integrate emoticons or symbols. I Heart U, etc. or words
    Love/Live Each/Every Day/Hour, etc.,