Sphere Trapped in a Cube Modeled With TINKERCAD

Introduction: Sphere Trapped in a Cube Modeled With TINKERCAD

About: Hi, I am a Canadian student who is avid about all things electronic and stuff using microcontrollers.

3D Printing is really fun! When I started, I downloaded lots of (unnecessary) models. It got to the point where i now have 6 or 7 mini yoda figures! Every time though, I really wanted to make something, and print it, all on my own. This 'ible is to teach the newcomers how to make their very own model of a sphere trapped in a cube, which is fully 3D printable. Also, there is no software to download.

Step 1: Setting Stuff Up

First, you will need to sign up for TINKERCAD. Then, to create the workspace for your 3D Model, click on "Create new design".

Step 2: Make the Cube

Find the red cube on the toolbar on the right-hand side, and drag the red cube onto the blue and white workspace. If you would like, you can change the dimensions by dragging the small white cube to adjust the length,width or height. I left mine at the default 20x20x20mm dimensions

Step 3: Make the Spherical Hole

To make the hole, add the sphere, just like how you added the cube before. Then using the white "handles", make the sphere 1.3 times larger than the side length of the cube. If you only used the default 20mm cube size, your sphere needs to be 26mm. Then, select the sphere and click on "hole". (Image 2)

Step 4: Finish the Exterior Frame

To make your frame, press Ctrl+A to select everything, then navigate to adjust (near the top corner), and select align. A bunch of black circles and lines will pop up, and you need to select the middle dot in each axis. If you need help, look at my second photo. Then press Ctrl+G to group everything.

Step 5: Add the Ball

For this, you need to drag on another sphere, and put it in the middle of your frame. To do this, select everything with Ctrl+A, then align everything again, just like you did it the last step.

Step 6: All Done

Your model is now finished! Good Job! Now to download it for 3D Printing, navigate to:

Design>>Download for 3D Printing>>.STL

Now you can print your file, and be really proud of yourself!

Step 7: Closing Remarks

In case you wanted to see my model, I embedded it below. (May not work on mobile devices)

Thank You for reading my Instructable!

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