Sphere Tutorial

Introduction: Sphere Tutorial

Team members: Miguel Casas, Mildred Gradilla, Rodrigo Gutierrez, Miguel Sosa, Pepe Haro

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Step 1: Materials

· 1 plastic bottle

· Cutter

· Scissors

· Wire

· Tools for the wire

· Material to decorate (sheens, buns etc)

Step 2: 1. Cut the Base of the Bottle and Mark 1cm Separations Along the Bottle.

Step 3: 2. Cut Some Hoops/rings, Using the Separation Marks As a Guide.

Step 4: 3. Make Two Holes on Every Hoop, One on Top and Another One Below the First One.

Step 5: 4. Cut 10cm of Wire and Make a Knot on Its Top.

Step 6: 5. Start Putting the Hoops, Using Just One of the Holes.

Step 7: 6. When You Finish Putting All the Hoops, Place the Bun, BUT Don’t Cut the Wire.

Step 8: 7. Now, Cross the Opposite Top of the Wire in the Holes That You Don’t Use; by Now It Will Start Taking the Shape of a Sphere :)

Step 9: 8. Finally, Use the Rest of the Wire to Give It the Form of a Hook

Step 10: 9. Go Ahead and Place It on Your Christmas Tree!

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    3 years ago

    This looks great! Thanks for sharing your project!