Sphero Chariot Out of Knex

Introduction: Sphero Chariot Out of Knex

In this instructable I'll show you how to make your very own Sphero chariot, capable of carrying an iphone. With a little modification you could make it carry other things too!

Step 1: Parts List

Here are the parts you will need. Hover over the piece to see the amount needed.

Step 2: Build Part 1

This is the main frame of the chariot. This is very easy to build, pay close attention to the pictures.

Step 3: Build Part 2

Build this small piece. Again, it's very easy to build.

Step 4: Build Part 3

Build this piece.

Step 5: Build Part 4

Build the section with the wheels. Follow the pictures.

Step 6: Assembly

It's time to put it all together! Follow along the pictures, they are in order. These numbers match their corresponding pictures.

1. Attach the wheels section the main frame.
2. Attach the first small piece by clipping the white rod to the 2 blue connectors.
3. Then clip the white rods into the 2 blue connectors.
4. Clip the 2nd small piece onto the blue rods, make sure that the y clips are as close to the blue connectors as possible to ensure a snug fit for the iphone on board.
5. There you have it, a completed chariot for your Sphero! Be sure to check out the video in the intro.


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    This is really neat!! My sphero is charging right now so I can't wait to try bit is it possible to create a playground for sphero using kenex? Like with water challenges and small bridges and stuff. Hope you can help