Sphero Pumpkin Carving

Introduction: Sphero Pumpkin Carving

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Typically pumpkins are carved into scary faces, black cats, or flying bats for Halloween. How original. Instead, light up your porch at night with a unique design that incorporates robotics. Here's how to create a carving for your pumpkin inspired by Sphero. After following our step-by-step Instructable for your robo-carving, your porch will definitely be the techiest on the block.  

Step 1: Supplies

1. Large round pumpkin
2. Carving tools
3. Sphero printout
4. Candles or Sphero ball

Step 2: Gutting Your Pumpkin

As with any pumpkin carving project, the first step is to snag a sharp knife and cut a lid with the stem as the handle in order to get messy and gut your pumpkin. Once you are able to reach inside your gourd, use your hands along with a spoon to dig out the seeds and gook until it is clean and tidy. 

Step 3: Tracing Sphero

Once your pumpkin's guts are gone, decide which part of your pumpkin you would like to carve Sphero's image onto. The image we printed out worked best for keeping Sphero's features intact and displayed our robotic friend's spooky side. Next, tape the printout onto your pumpkin and use a tool that can either poke dots onto your pumpkin, which outlines the image, or a drawing utensil that you can use to trace the design onto your pumpkin.

Step 4: Carving Sphero

With your tracing as a guide, carve along the lines, making sure your tracing is correct along the way so as not to lose any vital features of Sphero. After you have disposed of the pumpkin cutouts, snag a candle or a Sphero to light up Sphero's round face to surprise your fellow neighbors with a unique and robotic inspired design. The scary-faced pumpkins and black cat carvings better watch out this Halloween - Sphero is rolling in. 

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    2 years ago

    Cool man! Its bout to be Halloween for me and I am planning to carve this into my pumpkin!!!