Spice Bomb Hand Grenade Lamp

Introduction: Spice Bomb Hand Grenade Lamp

Bedside table lamp made from an empty Victor Rolf Spice Bomb bottle.

Step 1: Parts List

Victor Rolf Spice Bomb empty bottle
High power White LED and driver
Push button latching switch
2.1mm power jack extension lead
9v-12v Power adapter

Step 2: Fit LED to Bottle

Remove the atomiser from the top of the bottle. This can be cut off as it's not needed. Cut the top away so the top of the bottle is flat with a large hole in the middle. Solder the driver output onto the LED and using strong adhesive, stick the LED face down over the hole with the driver on top of it.

Step 3: Prepare Switch

Take the 2.1mm power extension lead and cut off the plug end leaving the socket on the end of the wire. Drill a hole in the original atomiser bottom and fit the push button switch into it. Feed the wire through the atomiser lid hole on the side and solder the positive wire to one of the switch solder tags leaving the other solder tag and the negative wire free.

Step 4: Final Stage

Glue the wider bottle top lid on top of the LED and driver so just the positive and negative wires of the driver are sticking up through the lid. Solder the free switch tab to the positive driver wire and solder the negative of the power wire to the negative of the LED driver. Finally, using strong adhesive glue the button (with the switch installed) on top of the bottle lid.

Step 5: Finished

Display the lamp.

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