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Introduction: Spice Rack Necklace

Ladies, have you ever gone to a nice restaurant and had a bland-tasting meal served to you? Here's a nice piece of jewelry that's easy to make, pretty to wear, and can help with your seasoning needs. :)

• Plastic Straws
• Plastic makeup jar
• Rhinestones (or other modes of decoration – paint, fabric, markers, etc.)
• Scotch Tape
• Ribbon
• Glue
• Scissors
• Measuring tape or ruler
• Fine tip permanent marker
• Heating tool with fine tip (Creative Versa-Tool - average price at Michaels $30.00)
• Various dried and/or powdered spices
• Piece of paper

Step 1: Step #1

Screw on the fine tip to your heating tool and turn it on. After a few minutes, slowly draw on the hole at the bottom of the plastic makeup jar. The tool is really hot, so don’t rush into puncturing the plastic. Keep melting away the hole until it’s big enough for the ribbon to go through, but small enough to keep the ribbon from falling out.

Step 2: Step #2

When the hole is finished, insert the ribbon and tie a knot at the end.

Step 3: Step #3

Begin decorating the plastic jar with the rhinestones, starting with the area around the ribbon. You can use a tweezers to help glue on the rhinestones if they are extra small.

Step 4: Step #4

While the glue dries, stick a straw inside the jar and mark where its height is going to be with the permanent marker. Cut the straw according to that height and repeat for the rest of the straws.

Step 5: Step #5

Put the scotch tape one of the straw openings. Fill it up with the spice of your choice, then apply scotch tape at the other opening to seal the straw up. Label the straw to avoid confusion. Repeat with the other straw pieces.

Step 6: Step #6

Once the glue on the jar dries, insert your straws in the jar and screw on the cap.

Step 7: Step #7

Voila! A wearable spice rack for any culinary fashionista!

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    2 Discussions


    7 years ago

    Nice idea! You can also seal the ends of the straws by heating them up, with a lighter or flame.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the good idea! I'll remember that the next time I make it. :)