Spice Rack With Discarded Pallet, Discarded Shoe Rack Aluminium Poles and Ikea S-hooks




Introduction: Spice Rack With Discarded Pallet, Discarded Shoe Rack Aluminium Poles and Ikea S-hooks

I love to create new things with discarded stuff. I custom-made this spice rack using discarded pallet, shoe rack aluminium poles, discarded wire easel and some eye hooks.

I can't really give you the measurements but hope the ideas and design will inspire even more creative spice rack work.

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Step 1: Gather Your Critical Raw Materials

Pallet - the main ingredient. I find mine in industrial areas.

Dismantle the pallets. Remove all nails. It doesn't matter if you make holes to extract the nails. In fact, the holes will give it a nice rustic look. Select the thicker wood (those that hold up the planks). I find pallet similar to the one shown.

Find the wire easle. Go to funeral parlors to get a discarded one.

Step 2: Design Your Spice Rack and Then Get Accurate Measurements

Cut the wood to the length required and sand paper down. Tip: if you want the spice rack to fit snugly between counter top and cupboard like mine, cut it 2cm longer. You can then file down to perfect length. Paint them if you like.

I used the wire easel as a support to prevent the spice bottle from tipping over. Cut the wire easel to required length and touch up the paint.

Step 3: Arrange the Design on Floor

Arrange the design on the floor to have a view and also to make internal measurements decisions.

For the cup holders section, I just drilled through the wood and poked the shoe rack aluminium poles. Tip. drill the hole smaller than the pole diameter and use a file to enlarge. You want the pole to be tight in the hole.

For the spice section,

I used the eye hooks and push the cut-wire easel through. I used a super glue to hold everything in place. This will prevent spice bottle from tipping over.

As for the shelves, I used shelf support studs. I recommend the studs with flat base as in picture I show here. (I didn't use one, I couldn't find one in my nearest hardware shop).

To join the two pieces of wood together, I used screw on one side and shelf support stud on the other as shown in the picture.

Step 4: Assembling Them Together

If the measurements are correct, it would be a breeze putting this together. You may have to file the wood a bit to fit snugly.

The best part of this project is that it didn't cost me very much to make this.

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    5 years ago

    its so simple, I would do the same. thanks for sharing the idea.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, it is very simple and looks good too and cheap. Let me know what you have done. Would love to see it too.