Spice Rack

Introduction: Spice Rack

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This is a spice rack I made feel free to copy and like. It was pretty easy and fun to do.

Tools required:
Basic hand tools
Table saw
Pin nailer
Wood glue
Stain of your choice

1 1/2 x 1 1/2 inch oak post
1/4 inch oak hobby board

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Step 1: Cutting Your Material

I cut my post 18 inches long

I ripped my hobby board just to my preference on how deep I wanted the shelves

Then I cut the ends making each one 2 inches longer than each other the longest being 12 inches. So I had one 12 inches, 10 inches, 8 inches and 6 inches

Step 2: Notching Your Post

Ok so your post is 18 inches long. So make a mark from the top down 2, 6,10,and 14 inches.

Then take a scrap piece of your oak 1/4 inch scrap and put it below the mark marking the other side so you know how wide to make your notches.

Then using a table saw saw inside of each line and then all the remainder left

If it's a little ragged clean it up with some sandpaper or a chisel or a file.

Step 3: Assembly

Ok now you need to mark the center under your notches it should be 3/4 of an inch

Then mark the center of each shelf. Since they are all even numbers it will be easy . For this of you with math problems use a calculator. Lol just kidding!

Just put a small mark on the center of the shelf and line it up with your mark on your post. Glue it and slide it in.

Then using a pin nailer shoot it in the very corner at an angle going into your post making the pin holes hidden.

Step 4: Sand It

This is self explanatory. I sanded it down with fine sandpaper and rounded all the edges I could because I like the look of it.

Step 5: Stain It!

With the stain of your choice stain it. Wipe it really nice let it dry and then when it dries you can clear coat it.

Thanks for listening! Any feedback is appreciated

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    3 years ago

    great job I've been needing something something simple and easy and useful