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I was looking at my horribly blank walls and thought why dont I add some pizzaz i really love those simple pieces that sell for millions such as the black square
(link below if anyone is interested) so here is my art.(my entry for the krylon summer projects contest please vote for it if you liked it)



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Step 1: Materials

All you will need is:
3.Krylon Spraypaint black,silver or any other combo.
Simple enough for ya?

Step 2: The Painting

First take your tape and form a pattern on the paper.
note:do not make it perfect, notice how my spiral is sort of odd it looks better that way.

next take your spraypaint and spray on whatever design you want.
note: dont paint it all in.

Finnaly take the tape off and admire your work.

A word of advice if you want an older look paint it black then lightly cover it in silver.

Step 3: Creative Ideas.

This was just one of the millions of ideas out there I would love to see what you come up with.
Any constructive criticizm,comments,or pics please do post.
Thank you.

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    great idea, I never thought about this for walls before! i used to do a similar trick to t-shirts. put tape or pre-cut patterns on the shirt (black) and spray around them with a bleach/water solution to create some sick images. That was about three years ago, all that time, and i NEVER thought to apply that technique to room decoration. thats why i love this site, and those who contribute. we all learn new ways to apply methods that nobody else has managed to do before. fine work! i will get to work post-haste on some a=wall deco', post pics soon!

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