Spiced Cranberry Handmade Soap




  1. To make handmade soap from scratch, you will need a mixture of oils, water & lye.
  2. To determine the correct quantities, you will need to learn to use a Soap Calculator
  3. Mix the lye and water and allow to cool
  4. Heat the oils on the stove top and allow to cool
  5. Once they both have reached room temperature, pour the lye/water into the oils and blend with a stick blender.
  6. Now its time to colour your soap.
  7. As per my video, I have separated 4 different batches and used 4 different colours to colour them.
  8. Once all colours have been mixed, pour in the fragrance.
  9. Now its time to design your soap.
  10. In my video, I have used a tablespoon to create my swirls.
  11. Pour the soap colours into your log mould.
  12. I created smiley embeds the day before to add onto my design.
  13. Once complete, allow 24-48 hours for your soap block to completely harden.
  14. Remove from the mould and cut into desired size.
  15. Handmade soap must cure for 4-6 weeks prior to use, this allows the water content to evaporate, which leaves a hard bar of oils.
  16. Below is a link to the soap calculator that I use.


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