Spiced Up Cheese Omelet on the Go




The problem these days is that its impossible to have a hearty meal, and make it to school/work on time, until now. The cheese omelet on the go allows you to make an omelet in less than 2 minutes, and still have a nutritious meal. This invention will save you many minutes of headaches, and being screamed at by your bosses/teachers for being late. This omelet is a great way to 'spice' things up, and can be eaten several ways including out of a cup and on a plate or anyway other ideas you have. You can also take this to work or school in the morning with the batter already made, and just cook it there. Now you can be that person you are jealous of with that gourmet lunch at work/school.

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Step 1: Ingredients/materials

To make the omelet, you will need just 3 simple ingredients, and 3 materials. This process will be quick, and will be just a matter of time before you have a perfectly cooked omelet.

2 or so eggs

half a cup to a cup of cheese

paprika or any other spice

a mug or a hard microwavable cup

paper towel

Step 2: Making the Batter

First you have to grab a mug, or some sort of thick cup, and start making the batter. To do this you will place the 2 eggs in the cup, and whip the up. Then you will add a pinch of paprika, or any other spice, with the cheese. Try to use about half a cup to a cup of cheese, depending on the size of the cup.

Now how quick and easy was that!!

Step 3: Cooking Your Egg

Once you have made your batter, you will need to cook it. This step is very simple, and quick. What you will have to do is take the cup, and place a paper towel on the top. Then you will place it in the microwave (or oven, but microwave works better) and put it for about a minute to two minutes, depending on the size. When you take it out, it may be very hot, and not sliding out, so place it in something cold for about 30 seconds. When it is ready to be eaten, you can enjoy it in any way you would like, put it onto a plate (which can be done by placing the cup upside down on a plate, and wait for it to slide down) or you can eat it straight from the cup. There is no wrong way.

Enjoy :) and thanks for viewing my intractable, if you wouldn't mind voting, liking and commenting that would be amazing. I love hearing your feedback so please comment.



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    2 years ago

    Thx for the comments if you guys wouldn't mind could you vote for me. That would be great, thanks again!!


    2 years ago

    Before anyone says it wrong :

    Omelette AU fromage and not omelette du fromage... (I'm french, so I know what I mean ;) )