Spicy Korean Chicken Stew




Introduction: Spicy Korean Chicken Stew

Do you like chicken? Are you a big fan of spicy food? Do you love slow cooker? Here is gift for you to enjoy spicy Korean chicken stew with others. Spicy Korean chicken stew called Dakdoritang which mean that it cooked in a spicy red sauce along with vegetables. It spends more time what do you expect but you have never tasted anything like this before. Taste is pieces of chicken packed with spicy and savory flavors. This intractable will provide information how to create spicy Korean chicken stew and provide more details in each steps.

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Step 1: Step 1. Ingredients & Tools


  • 700g of chicken stock
  • 700mL of water
  • 305g of potato (1 ½ piece)
  • 184g of onion (1 ½ piece)
  • 85g of carrot (6-7 piece of small carrots)
  • 50g of scallion (3 or 4 piece)
  • 65g of mushroom (4 or 5 piece)
  • 400g of rice + 500mL of water

material of Sauces

  • ½ cup sugar or oligosaccharide or honey
  • ½ cup light soy sauce
  • 4 tablespoons dried red pepper powder
  • 1 tablespoons crushed garlic


  • 16-quart stock pot
  • Peeler
  • Cutting board
  • Rice pot

Step 2: Step 2. Cook Rice

1. Pour 5 cup rice in pot. (around 400g)

2. Wash rice well in sieve under running water and drain

3. Add 500mL of water in pot

4. Put into rice cooker around 30 minutes.

Tip! Delicious rice imparts a delicate flavor to spicy Korean chicken stew

It takes a long time to make rice. you should begin as soon as possible.

Step 3: Step 3. Clean & Cut Material

1. Rinse chicken part thoroughly in running water to remove all blood.

2. Peeler can help to remove the outer skin such as onions, potatoes

3. Chop vertically one times and then chop horizontally three times (potatoes, onion)

4. Cut scallion, carrots and mushroom to the same size as potatoes and onion

Step 4: Step 4. Cook Chicken Stoke

1. Before you put in chicken stoke, you make cuts in the chicken.

2. Add 6 piece of chicken and 700 mL of water into 16-quart stock pot

3. Heat until water begins to simmer

4. Add ½ cup sugar by using tablespoon. Approximately 3-4 tablespoon

5. 5 minutes later, you can see impurities like white bubble. You have to remove most white bubble because it is harmful to our bodies

Note: if you remove white bubble, you also remove some water. So, you should add 100 mL water into pot. Please! be careful about heat.

6. After then, waiting 5-6 minutes until chicken is done

Tip ! why sugar put in first? Sugar can make delicious taste and also remove fishy smell.

Total Heating time is no more than 20 minutes

Step 5: Step 5. Add Fisrt Material

Now, you will focus on adding potatoes, onion, carrots. These material spend more time until these are nearly done so that you should put in firstly.

Step 6: Step 6. Create Sauce

This part is very important in whole process.

Taste is depend on sauce.

Sauce recipe :

1. Prepare light soy sauce around ½ cups. it's around 120 mL

2. you should add dried red pepper powder 4-5 tablespoon.

3. one tablespoons crushed garlic

Tip ! if you want to more spicy food, add dried red pepper powder 1-2 tablespoon.

note ! you should use light soy sauce because it is make a good taste

Step 7: Step 7. Add Second Material

Second material is consist of scallion and mushroom.

These material cook well quickly so that you should put in last step.

Depending on your taste, you can add the sesame seeds for the last one minutes.

Tip ! Sesame seeds: the more you chew, the more flavor you get

Total heating time: step 5, step 6, step 7 are no more than 15 minutes.

Step 8: Step 8. Enjoy Meal

1. transfer other small bowl

2. Enjoy meal with white rice

Thank you for reading my instruction !

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