Spicy Pies

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Make delicious and spicy pies

Step 1: Supplies

You need
fried cauliflower

Step 2: Making Part 1

On my other instractables I have showed to how to make roti.But I am telling you again.
Take 2 cup flour
Add some water and 1 spoon oil to make a perfect daugh.
If the dough is too sticky you can add more flour.
Then start rolling
And again I have showed you guys how to make cauliflower fry
So you just need to see my old instractable.Another thing,put some flour and add some water with it.And make a smoth paste.
Now put the fried cauliflower on the round shape roti.

Step 3: Making Part 2

Then put the paste around the whole roti

Step 4: Making Part 3

Then fold it's both sides

Step 5: Making Part 4

Now start rolling it from its upper part

Step 6: Making More

Make some more pies

Step 7: Fry

Take a pan with 1 cup oil
Put the pies on the hot oil
After it turns brown
take it off from the oil.
As oil is not good for our health
If we eat too much oily food then we will get sick
So after taking them off from oil put them over a tissue
It can suck off its extra oil.
And then enjoy the deliciousness of the pies with ketchup



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    3 years ago

    you don't include "paste" in your list of ingredients, and only mention it near the end. So, what is it? Also, if you really want people to use your indestructible, it would be more useable to tell us what to do in THIS recipe, rather than telling us to go look up some other instructible

    2 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    Or add a link to the other 'able. Dish sounds yummy though.