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Introduction: Spicy Pizza Crusted Pizza

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My first in a series of 1,793 recipes for the bachelor chef:  Spicy Pizza Crusted Pizza.  It's pizza, and the crust is also pizza, and it's also spicy.

For ingredients you will need the following:

Leftover pizza
Cheese (mozzarella, pizza blend, or whatever your like)
Your favorite hot sauce
Pepperoni or other pizza appropriate meat
Fresh and/or pickled peppers
Italian spices

Required cooking equipment:

An oven
A baking sheet or pizza stone
A pizza cutter

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Step 1: The Crust

For the crust you will need left over pizza.  This can be pizza you made, or leftover delivery from that party you had Friday night.  Arrange the crust on a baking sheet in a contiguous manner as shown.  In my case, I am utilizing leftovers from a quaint local pizza bistro known only as Papa Johns.

Step 2: Layer 1

For the first layer, I have added mozzarella cheese, imported from Kroger, and aged in my cheese cellar for six weeks at a humidity level of 47%.  Also, I have added some rooster sauce, because you always need rooster sauce.

Step 3: Layer 2

Layer two includes pepperoni and additional mozzarella cheese.  The cheese is important to the structural integrity of the finished product.  It acts as a binding layer providing both mechanical and chemical bond between the various ingredients.  The finished product with have an interwoven matrix of  lactosium, meatonium, and vegeforous that will keep the spillage of loose toppings on your lap to a minimum.

Step 4: Layer 3

For the third and healthiest layer, you will need to add your favorite pizza born vegetables.  I have selected fresh jalapenos, red onion, and sliced pepperoncini. 

Step 5: Top Layer

For the fifth and final layer, top everything off with more mozzarella, some Italian seasoning, and if you prefer, some fennel seed.

Step 6: Bake It

Place the completed pizza crusted pizza on the center rack in a preheated oven set to 425F.  Cooking time with vary with the desired toastiness and thickness of the mountain of toppings.  I cooked this gorgeous example for 12 minutes on convection mode to get the cheese perfectly caramelized.  Slice and enjoy.  Pairs delightfully with whatever beer is in your fridge.

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