Spicy Potato Tikki




-spicy aloo tikki will be crisp outside and soft inside and gives real treat to our taste buds anytime.

-We use shallow fry technique with very little oil instead of deep frying.


-Boiled and mashed potatoes

-Grated carrot

-Green chillies

-Bread crumbs


-Red chilli powder

-coriander powder

-chat masala

-garam masala

-mint or coriander leaves


-lime juice

Step 1: Procedure:

-Boil the potatoes.peel and mash them.

-Add grated carrot.

Step 2: Add Spices:

-Add red chilli powder, Green chillies,coriander powder,garam masala.

Step 3: Add Remaining Spices

-Add chat masala,pinch of turmeric,lime juice and salt.

-Add crushed mint leaves or coriander leaves.

Step 4: Add Bread Crumbles and Corn Flour:

-Finally add bread crumbles, corn flour,coriander or mint leaves and make a smooth dough.

Step 5: Shallow Fry:

-Make balls out of dough .Take each ball and gently press in between your palms and make a round shaped 1/2 inch thick pattie. coat in bread crumbles.

-Take a non stick pan or griddle .when pan is hot add few table spoon oil and place this patties on it and cook until bottom surface turns brown.

-Flip and cook on other side too by adding a tsp oil around the edges of each pattie.

-serve this hot and crispy tikkis with tomato sauce.

Step 6:

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    Thank you MaddieJ3:) You try and let me know how the taste is...