Spicy and Crispy Masala Corn

-Corn blended with spices and baked to give crunchy and crispy taste.

-These are gluten free and can be healthy snacks.


-Boiled sweet corn kernels

-Red chilli powder

-coriander powder

-salt as per taste

-Tsp oil

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Step 1: Boil Sweet Corn Kernels

-Boil sweet corn kernels and keep ready. Dont over boil them. pat dry kernels.

-Take kernels in bowl and add spices red chilli powder and coriander powder as per taste

Step 2: Add Salt and Tsp Oil

-Next add salt as per taste and tsp oil and mix everything

Step 3: Bake

-Transfer corn kernels on to baking sheet and bake at 200 degree centigrade for 15 to 20 minutes shaking in intervals.

-check in intervals to prevent burning.

Step 4: Cool Them

when they change color remove and cool them. Enjoy crunchy crispy corn kernels with some tea.

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