Spicy and Crunchy Baked Chick Peas




Introduction: Spicy and Crunchy Baked Chick Peas

-chickpeas contain high fibre content .By baking chick peas you transform it from mushy to crispy and crunchy which will be good alternative as snacks and are healthy too.

-By adding spices you make it even hot and more tasty.


-Boiled chick peas

-olive oil

-red chilli powder

-coriander powder


Step 1: Procedure:

- Strain your can peas and rinse under running water.

Step 2: Drying

-spread on a tissue paper and pat it to remove moisture.They should be dry when you touch.

Step 3: Toss

-Toss the chick peas with olive oil and add spices redchilli powder,coriander powder and salt.Mix everything.

Step 4: Baking

-Preheat oven at 200 degree celsius which is approximate to 400 degree fahrenheit

-spread peas on baking sheet and bake for 30 minutes.

-In between just mix once for every 10 minutes.Remove when they turn golden brown in color and are crispy.

-Enjoy crispy peas.



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