Introduction: Spider.

I created this spider in 123D Tinkercad. This spider is mainly based off of a tarantula. I did my research on google images. I made this spider mainly for the "Make it Real-ly Scary with 123D and Tinkercad Contest" but I also made it to use as a decoration and to scare people. Before 3D printing I recommend scaling it due to me not scaling it to realistic size. When 3D printing I recommend using using black especially if you plan on using it to scare some one. some places I recommend placing it when planning to scare some one are behind a shower curtan or behind towels or in the silverware drawer.

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Step 1: Legs.

To create the legs I made a cylinder and than scaled it to size. After that I added spheres and grouped it (HINT: do not scale it after grouping with out holding shift or it will end out looking out something like the fourth picture. Now I put the segments on the proper angles and put them together. (do basically the same for the feelers)

Step 2: Body.

To do the backside I put a half sphere and a paraboloid together. For the front I shrunk a sphere

Step 3: Eyes.

To do the eyes I first made a sphere and put it in a formation. Then I highlighted the eyes and scaled it smaller. I then made the hight equal. I then put the eyes at an angle.

Step 4: Putting It All Together.

The hardest part of putting it together is finding the right angles for the legs.

Step 5:

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