Spider Cocoon Kid




Introduction: Spider Cocoon Kid

Halloween decoration that looks like a creepy spider cooconed kid

Step 1: Procure a Kid

not a real one. those are too heavy. this is a elcheapo doll the wife bought for the grandkid. an arm is missing but it should be fine. just make sure its kid sized.

Step 2: Wrap Kid in White Cloth

tightly. I secured it with a safety pin. leave a tail at the feet to hang it by

Step 3: Wrap With Fake Spiderweb

I used about 1 and a half bags. I should have layered it a bit more, but I was trying to get it up before the grandkid came over.

Step 4: Add Spiders and Display

It doesn't look as good in the daylight, but then I've got little kids coming over. So it needs more cheese than scary. I need more spiders I think.

Step 5: Wait Til Dark!

Happy Halloween!

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