Spider-Man Homecoming Homemade Suit

Introduction: Spider-Man Homecoming Homemade Suit

Spider-Man is by far my favourite superhero, so I decided to make a Spider-Man costume. It's super easy to make, all you need are the right items of clothing.


A blue long sleeve shirt
Blue sweatpants
A sleeveless red hoodie
Red fingerless gloves
A red mask
Red over the calf socks
Black wrist sweatbands
Black goggles (kinda like steampunk goggles)
A sharpie
Red shoes (optional)

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Step 1: The Gloves

This step requires
Red fingerless gloves
A sharpie

Take your fingerless gloves and sharpie. You want to color the palm and thumb black. On the back of the glove, you want to draw a web. Going from inbetween the fingers and down. the curves of the web should be pointed towards the fingers.

Step 2: The Hoodie

This step requires
A red sleeveless hoodie
A sharpie

If you don't have a sleeveless hoodie, you could cut the sleeves off of a red hoodie. Find a reference image and sharpie. Draw the logo on the chest of the hoodie.

Step 3: The Mask

This step requires
A red ski mask
Black steampunk goggles
A sharpie

Take your paper and sharpie. Take your goggles and remove the lenses. Place the lenses onto the paper and trace them. Find a reference image and draw the black parts of the eyes on your paper then poke a bunch of tiny holes all over the paper. Place the paper behind the lenses and out the lenses back on the goggles and put the goggles into the mask.

Step 4: Putting on the Costume.

First, start with the pants and shirt, tucking the shirt into the pants. Then, put on the socks and hoodie. Put on the sweatbands and then the gloves, tucking the sleeve of the shirt and the gloves into the sweatbands. Put on the mask and tuck the bottom of it into the hoodie and you're done. Alternatively, you could use black pants and a black shirt for what I call "Instant Kill." It also could be a Superior Spider-Man version of the homemade suit.

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